MOVE excursions

Manage & organize virtual geoscience excursions

MOVE is an innovative bottom-up project to design online virtual excursions, including drone surveys, and foster the active participation of students of earth sciences.

Joint Excursion 2020 Corsica 2021 Sicily 2022


Master students will set-up a cutting-edge Geoscience field excursion

Work together

Define scientific themes, effective targets and shared tasks

Engage professionals

Organize webinars with experts

Solve problems

Identify locking points, refine itinerary and objectives

Explore new horizons

Elaborate film strategy, scenario, screencast

Achieve success

Design outreach products

Become leader

Run the excursion

It's your MOVE!

This student-centred project will stimulate student's skills (curiosity, initiative, in-depth critical scientific thinking) and eagerness to engage in both active learning and outreach.

Through MOVE, students will develop a personalised learning pathway and acquire the set of competences expected from 4EU+ students.

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For master students, on a project starting NOW and running up to fall 2021.



hybrid field/online virtual excursions


tightly teaching and research


within dedicated working groups

Reach out

by elaborating cutting-edge movies


  • Fall 2020: Where/When/What: targets, interview experts, literature search
  • Spring 2021: Finalize strategy, objectives, itinerary, logistics
  • Short-term mobility: Brain-storming, detailed organization, internship
  • Early fall 2021: Run excursion, movies, public outreach

Our previous activity

4EU+ Flagships

Charles University, Heidelberg University & DAAD Minigrants 2020

CONFIG: Convey Field Innovation in Geosciences

Initiation of long term collaboration between scientific groups of the EU4+ consortium partners in the field of Geology, Tectonics, Petrology, Geodynamics and Numerical Modelling. The three current partners, Sorbonne University, Charles University and Heidelberg University, agreed that the strong field-based component in their teaching and research will be used as binding element to stimulate collaboration in teaching and research.

During September 2020 we organized joint field excursions attended by students and lecturers from the three partner universities.

Joint Excursion 2020

4EU+ MOVE Field excursions

During September 2021 and 2022 we organized two excursions attended by students and lecturers from the three/six partner universities.

Corsica 2021 Sicily 2022